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With Advanced Stabilization with full Autonomous way point navigation, from Take Off to Landing, the Axe is the perfect platform to lift a gimbal stabilized GoPro sized camera for up to 35 mins. The Axe is designed to get you filming or photographing within seconds of arriving. The compact folding frame makes transporting it a breeze.

The Android (or PC) based groundstation provides the capability to see in real time how the Axe is performing and shows current real-time position on a map. Point and click mission changes can be performed in real time with no need to land the Axe first. 

If carrying weight is not a priority, this UAV works brilliantly. With a tested endurance of up to 35 minutes (the HV model), it has ample power to lift a gimbal stabilized GoPro, including video down link for a long time.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (prop to prop) 450mm
  • All Up Weight (excluding LiPo batteries) 1550g
  • 1x 10000mAh 6S LiPo 1650g
  • Flight Time 35 minutes (Tested)
  • Range 2000m (Limited by Fence)
  • Ceiling AGL 150m (Limited by Fence)
  • Additional payload – 400gr
  • Ideal payload – Compact Camera / GoPro / FLIR Quark
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A great choice for smaller payloads. The EasyUAV AxeX4 (or X6) is a complete high performance aerial imaging platform. It includes a fully assembled brushless gimbal for super stable HD video and the power to get your camera where you want it.

As with all our models, it includes great features like autonomous GPS waypoint navigation, Return to Launch, GeoFence, Loiter, FollowMe (3PV – 3rd person view) and more.