Precision Survey Shootout

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Last week EasyUAV did a test to see if UAV could become in indispensable tool for Land Surveyors. We required detailed measurements that engineers would accept to base their designs and costing’s on. We teamed up with Mondo CanĂ© Precision …

Night Game Drive

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EasyUAV headed out into the African bush to demonstrate the UAV + night vision technology on a Game Farm in the north of South Africa. We were tasked to find some rare (and valuable) Sable Antelope on the farm and …

Why Fly A Multirotor

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MultiRotor Forums put together a video contest where contestants were asked to produce a video that answered the question, “Why fly a multirotor?” The was the winning entry from Yonder Blue Films.


Multicopter Safety

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Your first priority must absolutely be the safety of people!Multicopters are essentially Flying Lawnmowers! This is an experimental aircraft running community-created code – Novel and unexpected results are NOT uncommon!Crashes can happen, because of pilot error or hardware or software malfunction.Especially while you are learning, it is recommended that you avoid, stiff, ultra-sharp carbon fiber props.


New To Multirotos

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New to Multirotors? You will quickly notice things like ppm, acc, mag, fc, esc, btw, omg, bs, lol (maybe one day you will read that and find it funny too) these terms are used a lot as it is quicker to type acc than it is to type accelerator so… here.