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A new entry into our fleet, the Hammer X8 provides huge power in a small package. The X8 configuration provides perfect motor redundancy and flight times approaching 30 minutes. Point and click mission changes can be performed in real time with no need to land the copter first. The Ground Station could run on a laptop PC can or an Android tablet.

First person live view adds the capability to see the live feed from an on board camera. A powerful 5.8Ghz video transmitter and sensitive video receiver are combined with the latest in antenna technology to guarantee perfect video transmission for up to 2.5km.

The HammerX8 can be steered in real time toward interesting areas while having Telemetry information overlaid on the live video feed. This feed can be recorded to local flash as well as also be recorded directly onto the Ground Control Station (PC Version only).

A Brushless stabilized Gimbal will create stable First Person View or Recording feeds if your application requires this. Contact us for other more advanced camera options like Thermal Imaging Cameras, Corona Cameras, Near Field Infrared or Spectral Analysis Cameras.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (prop to prop) 700mm
  • Dimensions – payload (ground to mount rail) 320mm
  • All Up Weight (excluding LiPo batteries) 3722g
  • 2x 10000mAh 6S LiPo 3654g
  • Additional payload 500g – 7000g (maximum 7000g)
  • Ideal payload – Compact / Mirrorless System Camera / small dSLR / FLIR Tau (or Quark)
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Fully Equipped Package

A great choice for large payloads. The EasyUAV HammerX8 is a complete high performance aerial imaging platform. It includes a fully assembled brushless gimbal for super stable HD video and the power to get your camera where you want it.

There is plenty of space to mount additional payloads and it includes great features like autonomous GPS waypoint navigation, Return to Launch, GeoFence, Loiter, FollowMe and more.