New To Multirotos

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New to Multirotors? You will quickly notice things like ppm, acc, mag, fc, esc, btw, omg, bs, lol (maybe one day you will read that and find it funny too) these terms are used a lot as it is quicker to type acc than it is to type accelerator so… here.

goesACC = accelerometer used to measure angular velocity or acceleration on a given axisAIL = ailerons also known as rollAH = altitude hold will help maintain height uses “BARO”AL = auto leveling means the flight controller can stay level once tuned uses “ACC”ALT = altitude as in how high you areATT = attitude as in what angle the multi is currently inAUW = all up weight or max weight with lipo ready to flyAVP = Ariel video photography possibly what you will want to doBARO = barometric altimeter use to measure altitude by using barometric pressureBOB = break out board normally a sensor board that can be connected to the “FC” via the i2c portBS = bulls**t used to explain “some” of what you will readCA = Cyrano adhesive also known as superglue bonds in seconds watch you fingersCCPM = cyclic collective pitch mixing more for heli fliers but helps explain how we flyDD = direct drive prop designed to go straight on a motor shaft without a gear reductionDOF = degree of freedom so 6DOF (gyro and acc) and 9DOF (gyro acc and baro or mag) give clues as to whats on the “IMU”ELEV = elevator also known as pitchESC = escape better known as speed controller we use this to speed up and slow down motor “RPM”FC = no not football club but flight controllerFHSS = frequency hopping spread spectrum a way to transmit radio signalsFOV = field of view from the multi wider the FOV the less chance of seeing props with a goproFP = fixed pitch normally associated with rc helicoptersFPV = first person veiw basically this setup lets you see where you are going LIVE and in real timeGPS = global positioning system used to track movement or hold position at predefined coordinatesGYRO = gyroscope measures or help maintain orientationHEXA = hexacopter 6 motors no servos all motors on same levelI2C = inter-IC I2C is a multi-master bus meaning many devices can be connected to the same port each acting as his own masterIMU = inertial measurement unit which is a “BOB” containing sensors that send data to the flight controllerLIPO = should be Li Po lithium-ion polymer battery our preferred power source right nowMAG = Magnetometer/compass used to let our “FC” know which direction it is pointed in compared to the Earths Magnetic fieldOCTO = octocopter 8 motors no servos all motors on same levelOP = original posterOT = off topicPCM = pulse code modulation used to digitally represent sampled analog signalsPH = position hold normaly uses “GPS” to figure out where we are and maintain positionPPM SUM = pulse position modulation i,e instead of 5 servo leads sending 5 signal we send 8 signals down one wire (signal)PWM = pulse width modulation a way of controlling power to inertial electrical devicesPROP = propeller a critical item in multi rotor design, motor choice battery selectionQUAD = quadcopter 4 motors no servos yaw achieved by varying speeds of motorsRPM = revolutions per minute or how many time a motor shaft will rotate 360deg in 60 secondsRTF = ready to fly but thats not always the caseRTH = same as “RTL” but is return to home, home being any giving starting positionRTL = return to launch a very handy GPS function that when enabled auto returns the multi to the place where it started or where GPS was activatedRUDD = rudder also known as yawRX = receiver which takes our “TX” commands and sends them to the “FC”SF = slow fly prop designed to go on a motor using a gear reduction to lower prop speedSONAR = ultrsonic range finder horizontally it can be used to avoid objects from below verically it can avoid objects from any side it facesTHRL = throttle used to control motor “RPM”TRI = tricopter 3 motors and one servo for yawTX = transmitter sends our commands to the “TX”VTOL = vertical take off and landingW,TF = hey what just happened?WOT = wide open throttle or throttle stick at max up. Here is a good thread for starters, to get your feet wet…