Precision Agriculture

On any farm there will be spots where the soil is too wet, too dry, a fungus or other pathogen is starting to take hold, or possibly the crop needs fertilizer or insecticide. It’s almost impossible to say where without walking every square foot of the farm. Even then, you would need x-ray vision to tell you exactly which healthy-looking plant is about to get sick and turn yellow. Imagine if it were possible to give every square foot of the farm exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Farmers would get a bigger crop yield, and use less input – water, fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide, etc. 

This is what drones can do for farms. Drones may sound scary, and we prefer the term UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). These Small UAVs fly over fields, collecting large chucks of detailed data that goes far beyond what the human eye can see. Some of the most advanced camera systems are used to provide thermal and multi-spectral sensing images of crops, which quickly highlights abnormalities that can’t be seen by the naked eye or by viewing a basic aerial image.

Our UAv can be used for:

  • Canopy profiling
  • Temperature / pressure profiling
  • Wirelessly collect data from ground sensors
  • Crop counting
  • Crop status (growing stage, yield estimates, etc.)
  • Precision Agriculture prescription data
  • Tiling/drainage evaluation and survey
  • Time-saving pre-assessment for field tasks
  • Oblique shots for de-tassel timing
  • Drainage estimates and topography
  • Planting evaluation and replanting requirements
  • Pathogen introduction and tracking + Weed levels
  • Prevent birds from eating high value crops
  • Prevent birds that cause disease to crops
  • Detect and track plant disease
  • Identify wildlife that may consume crops
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GPS-referenced imagery is quickly and easily processed by using a highly accurate software workflows, to provide an accurate view of the farmer’s field. This allows the farmer to take the guesswork out of identifying where a problem spot is located in a field.