Search and Rescue (SAR) operations include finding and providing assistance to humans who are lost or injured in mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, or other remote settings. These searches, which can consume thousands of man-hours and huge amounts of money, are often very slow because of the large distances and challenging terrain that must be searched.

Moreover, the search timeliness is critical; for every hour that passes, the search radius must increase by approximately 3 km, and the probability of finding and successfully aiding the victim decreases.

Radio controlled UAV’s combines the long and far flight needs of SAR with an ability to launch quickly, search and locate in both day and night conditions with its IR capability, and navigate via GPS with minimal pilot input. The stabilized thermal imager is effective at all times of day/night.

Save time and lives – Reducing the resources consumed in SAR scenarios is one of EasyUAV’s key benefits. How? Reduce total time spent and number boots on the ground, while increasing range covered and useful hours in the day (and night).

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