The best solutions are often the simplest. This is the approach we followed when designing our fixed wing platform – simply named the Wing. It’s extremely cost effective, light weight and  easy to use. The Wing will produce accurate and detailed images of any surface and is perfectly suited for Surveying applications in large open spaces.

With its super tough airframe, mistakes are a lot less expensive and quick to fix. The telemetry down link adds the capability to see in real time how the Wing is performing and show its current real-time position on a map.

Ideally suited for surveying large open areas, the Wing can easily cover up to 300ha in a single flight, while maintaining a ground resolution of 1cm per pixel (GSD 1cm). It easily packs away for easy transport, and setup time is minimized giving you more time in the air.


  • Wing span 1950mm
  • All Up Weight 1980gr
  • 1x 5000mAh 4S LiPo (max 15000mah capability for longer flights)
  • Flight Time 50 minutes (Tested)
  • Range 2000m (Limited by Fence)
  • Ceiling AGL 150m (Limited by Fence)
  • Additional payload – mapping camera or NDVI camera
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