Never piloted a UAV before? The Coach is the perfect platform to be used as a trainer. It has the exact same Advanced Stabilization System and Auto Navigation features as it's bigger siblings in the EasyUAV family. This allows the operator to gradually grow accustomed to safely control a UAV and also teaches the functions of the ground control station.


With this super tough platform, mistakes are a lot less expensive, thereby ensuring success in operating larger UAV's while decreasing ramp up time. The telemetry down link adds the capability to see in real time how the Coach is performing and it's current real-time position on the map.


Point and click mission changes can be performed in real time with no need to land first. Either a Laptop, PC or Android tablet can be used to create a powerful mobile Ground Control Station.


The Coach has been designed for toughness. No camera gimbal options are available for it. 


  • Dimensions (prop to prop) - 380mm

  • All Up Weight (excluding LiPo batteries) - 1250g

  • 1 x 53000mAh 3S LiPo 435g

  • Flight Time (tested) - 20min

  • Range (Limited by Fence) - 500m

  • Ceiling AGL (Limited by Fence) - 100m

  • Additional Payload - None