Whichever industry sector you're in, you're likely to find benefit in using drones to inspect and survey land, buildings and assets such as wind turbines, power lines , telecoms towers and solar farms.

For most situations, drone surveys are quicker, more cost-effective and safer than traditional manual surveys.


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The immensely rich data that can be produced with drones has become indispensable for mining, engineering, mapping and surveyors.

Through our Network of Licensed experts we can:

  • Cut down on survey time by covering up to 1500Ha a day

  • Cover Areas previously not accessible by foot or to dangerous

  • Fast and Timely data delivery

  • Improved visual and survey data

  • Advanced 3D Models


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So much more than just survey data..

Drone cameras take a series of high-definition photos at different angles, creating millions of data points, including georeferences, elevation points, and colors.

This allows us to create high-resolution orthomosaics, as well as 3D models of a site or building, allowing clients to see more than what a traditional survey provides.
Drone surveys provide Management the necessary tools to monitor and communicate progress through out a project. It has also become an
important tool for marketing and planning.


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