Are you a drone pilot looking to further your career?

Our team of expert trainers can provide you with the knowledge you need to maximize the use of your drone.


We have a dedicated flying field
where you can practice and acquire the necessary skills to do drone work effectively and safely.

You can also book a trainer to come and deliver the specialized training at your facility.

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Specialized drone training:

EasyUAV have a range of specialized courses to help you get the job done.

Courses include:

  • Aerial Survey

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Aerial Photos

  • Integrating Drone into your current workflow

  • 3D Modelling

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EasyUAV have acquired expert in all things drones over the last 7 years and is seen as one of Africa’s leading provider of Hardware, Software and Training.


"This is just to say thank you for a solid product, good training and excellent backup..........Ground survey control points ties in at an overall
three D error of 0,011m. THAT IS 11mm. From a flying height of 100m with a stiff breeze and a fair amount of turbulence. (The artificial horizon
was quite busy.) Lets see if the results are anything to go by –Surveyed 13 coal stockpiles. Also surveyed by RTK GPS. Me old school – have to check this bloody new technology! Sweet goodness!! Tonnage comparison 0,2% !!!!! Someone must have cooked the books."

 --JC Fourie – Professional Mine Surveyor (Est 1988)

"This is just to inform you guys that the training went well with Ernie, and we are pleased with the data we collected during the training.
Overall, our assessment of the program was that he delivered well and we also came to the party given the sort time at our disposal.
Thanks," -John Adjaye -Gold Fields Ghana

"As you know, the training is complete. It was very a successful and helpful training. We learn more in few days.
Ernie help us a lot. He is the master of the drone. We are able to fly the pit and compute volume what we could not do before. Ernie is an easy
person to work with." -Fernand N’DRI AGBAOU GOLD OPERATIONS S.A

Let’s get you flying!




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