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The EasyUAV Geo-Mapper offers a cost-effective platform that can accommodate various payload options up to 500g with maximum flight endurance and range. It can quickly and effectively map an area of up to 350Ha at an altitude of 400ft.

With it's massive wing surface area and wing span of 2122mm it is our most effecient system. The EasyUAV Geo-Mapper's big payload bay can accommodate a mirrorless DSLR Camera, Near Field Infrared or Spectral Analysis Camera's. This makes the EasyUAV Geo-Mapper the perfect platform for regularly acquiring highly detailed and actionable data over large areas, such as Precision Agriculture, Surveying and Conservation.

The EasyUAV Geo-Mapper offers unparalleled ease of use and safety. Be ready to fly in less than 10min and launch the Geo-Mapper to the sky with it's reliable bungee launch system. Landing is made easy by the autopilot assisted mode that prevents stalls and limits roll and pitch angles or simply land using the optional parachute. The parachute also provides an additional safety layer and can be deployed in emergencies protecting expensive sensors.

The Geo-Mapper's robust foam frame, translates to less risk. With it's decreased cost per flight, it offers unparalleled return on investment, and with it's long flight capabilities it further multiplies the cost-effectiveness of the platform.


  • Pre-Plan autonomous flights from the Tower Android app or PC based Mission Planner.

  • Flight Controller with external compass.

  • Air and Ground RF modules - Live telemetry and flight control via Android app or Laptop GS.

  • Taranis 16 channel 2.4Ghz transmitter. Other options available.

  • Ultra-light weight, high strength EPO foam airframe.

  • Regular software updates are a few clicks away.

  • Bungee Launch

  • Emergency Chute Landing (optional)


  • STABILIZE - Aircraft will stabilize but user will be in full control.

  • MANUAL - Pilot will have full control and will not stabilize.

  • AUTO - Aircraft will fly it's own and follow the flight plan.

  • LOITER - Aircraft will circle i's position and altitude

  • CIRCLE - Circle mode is similar to loiter, but doesn't attempt to hold position.

  • FBWA - Fly by wire A -  Pilot has some control with full throttle control.

  • FBWB - Fly by wire B - Pilot has some control with limited throttle control.

  • RETURN TO LAUNCH - Toggle switch on remote and the drone flies back to where it took off from.


  • The airframe is constructed from durable EPO foam, making it relatively crash safe.

  • Massive amount of internal equipment space.

  • Ideal platform or long range FPV and UAV flight.

  • Super stable, very good glider performance.


  • Airframe type - EPO Foam Fixed Flying Wing.

  • Span - 2122mm

  • Un-laden weight - 3.0kg

  • Maximum Take-Off Weight - 3.5 kg

  • Motor - 1 x 580kv

  • Battery Capacity - 22.2, 10000mah, 6s, 25C 70C Burst

  • Propeller - 11" x 10 Prop

  • Operational Ceiling - 1000m

  • Operational Endurance - 120 Minutes

  • Maximum Permissible Airspeed - 23m/s

  • Maximum Outside Temperature - 40 degrees celcius

  • Minimum Outside Temperature - negative 5 degrees celcius

  • Maximum Permissible Wind Speed - 20m/s

  • Maximum Permissible Wind Gusts - 5m/s