Never piloted a UAV before? The Coach is the perfect platform to be used as a trainer. It has the exact same Advanced stabilization System and Auto Navigation features as it’s bigger siblings in the EasyUAV family. This allows the operator to gradually grow accustomed to safely control a UAV and also teaches the Ground Control Station and it’s functions.


The Geo-Scanner and Securo-Scanner offer the longest flight time in the UAV range with and endurance of up to 40min. Featuring optional advanced camera options like Thermal Imaging Cameras, Corona Cameras, Near Field Infrared or Spectral Analysis Cameras. 

Suitable in applications such as Security, Aerial Photography and Surveying.

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The Geo-Mapper is a cost-effective platform accommodating various payloads up to 500g with a maximum endurance flight range of 350ha at an altitude of 400ft


The Geo-Mapper is suitable for the following applications:

Precision Agriculture, Search and Rescue, Surveying (Land Surveying, Mining Volume Calculations), Wildlife Monitoring.