The Scanner offers the longest flight time of our UAV range with an endurance of up to 40 minutes and a top speed of 50km/h. This UAV is leading the way in terms of technical capability and performance. By adding the optional Telemetry pack, the Scanner will provide real-time flight data to the Ground Station via a reliable radio link. Point and click mission changes can be performed in real-time with no need to land the copter first. The Ground Station could run on a Laptop, PC, or Android Tablet to create a powerful Ground Control Station.

The Scanner can be steered in real-time toward points of interest while having Telemetry information overlaid on the live video feed. This feed can be recorded to a local flash as well as also directly onto the Ground Control Station

Other more advanced camera options like the Thermal Imaging Cameras, Corona Cameras, Near Field Infrared or Spectral Analysis Cameras are also compatible with this heavy lifter.


  • Pre-Plan autonomous flights from the DroidPlanner Android app or PC based Mission Planner.

  • Ardupilot Pixhawk Flight Controller with external Compass.

  • Air and Ground RF modules - Live telemetry and flight controls via Android app or Laptop Ground Station.

  • Taranis 8 Channel 2.4Ghz transmitter. Other options available.

  • Works out the box for most ~500g Cameras.


  • LOITER - Drone will lock its position and altitude.

  • ALT HOLD - Will lock it's altitude.

  • RETURN TO LAUNCH - Toggle switch on remote and drone flies back to where it took off from.

  • SIMPLE MODE - Don't get mixed up with orientation of craft. Fly relative to launch position regardless of drone direction.

  • AUTO - GPS Waypoint flying and more.


  • Full Carbon Fibre X4 airframe and precision CNC Aluminium parts - Folds in seconds without tools.

  • Carbon Fibre Mounting Rails.

  • 1 x Double Size Battery Mount.

  • 4 x 400kv Brushless Motors

  • 4 x 40amp 3-6s ESC's

  • 4 x 15x5.5 Carbon Props

  • 350w DC LiPo Balance Charger