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Aerial Survey Services

Whichever industry sector you're in, you're likely to find benefit in using drones to inspect and survey land, buildings and assets such as wind turbines, power lines , telecoms towers and solar farms. Drone surveys are quicker, more cost-effective and safer than traditional manual surveys. The immensely rich data that can be produced with drones has become indispensable for mining, engineering, mapping and surveyors.

Through our Network of Licensed experts we can:

  • Cut down on survey time by covering up to 1500Ha a day

  • Cover Areas previously not accessible by foot or to dangerous

  • Fast and Timely data delivery

  • Improved visual and survey data

  • Advanced 3D Models

Precision Agriculture

Our Expert service and partnerships with the leading Agricultural specialist have produced outstanding results. Precision technology has driven the farming revolution in recent years. Monitoring crops from the sky using agricultural drones looks set to drive the next, as agronomists, agricultural engineers and farmers turn to drones to gain more efficient crop insights and to more accurately plan and manage their operations.


Drones are inexpensive to detect problems in crops at an early stage. Drones can sweep through and take stock, inspecting for slow-growing plants that might need a hit of nitrogen or some other remedy. Sensors that measure particular wavelengths of light absorbed and reflected by plants can generate color contrast images that highlight problem areas in a field.

Drone systems

The EasyUAV drones provide a stable platform from which aerial data can easily be captured. Our affordable, commercial grade drone systems will delivering spatial data in environments for production, asset, environment and heritage management as well as for infrastructure planning and greenfield exploration.

We offer state of the art Multirotor, Fixed Wing and VTOL systems. Reach out to us to get more information

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